Thinking about it

First, we must be sure we are ready to quit.  You say, "I've wanted to quit for years!"  But wanting is not enough because most of us have big reservations too.  These reservations must be resolved in order to successfully stop.

These reservations come in the form of: "But, I like the taste.  But, it helps me with stress.  But, I need the nicotine.  But, I get angry".  Buts, buts, butts.

The first step in resolving ambivalence is to face the pros and cons head on - in writing.TChart

Make a "T" chart: draw a horizontal line 1"down from the top of a piece of paper and another vertical line down the middle.  On the left top, write "Reasons Not to Quit" and on the right write "Reasons to Quit".  Be honest with both sides. 

It is important to acknowledge the reasons you like to smoke.  Bring them into the open.  Only then can you begin to find solutions to reasons you don't want to quit and strengthen the reasons you do want to quit.