First Steps
Steps along the Way

Quitting is not an act but a process.  As adults we have been smoking for twenty or thirty years.  The typical adult began during their teen years in response to the emotional stresses of their youth and the glamorization of smoking by tobacco companies.

Today many of those stresses are gone but the habit remains.  It has insinuated itself it all the corners of our life.  It has become associated with waking, sleeping, sex, eating, walking, talking, driving and just plain sitting still.

No other habit, drug, drink or activity is so inter-linked with our other behaviors.  Thus the process of quitting must address ways to surgically remove the cigarette habit from all of these activities.

Do not plan to quit until you reach the point in the exercises called Cold Turkey.  There is a lot of work to go through first.  Remember you have spent a lifetime learning to smoke.  Should it be any surprise to discover it will take work and time to quit?