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Smoking Can Cause Impotence!

  • Cigarette smoking is the # 1 cause of cancer death in men.
  • Current male smokers over age 35 are almost 10 times more likely to die of lung disease.
  • And 22 times more likely to die from lung cancer than nonsmoking males.

Real men don't do drugs.
Cigarettes are the world's #1 drug habit!

  • Tobacco is often the first drug used by young people who go on to use alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs.
  • Since 419,000 Americans die from smoking every year, the tobacco companies need your children - 3000 a day to maintain their current profits!
  • Advertising Works - Five year olds recognize Joe Camel as often as they recognize Mickey Mouse!
  • The Marlboro Man died of Emphsyma.  If you don't know what that feels like try breathing through a straw and slowly stick it into a glass of water!!!