Decision Time
Making the Decision

Major decision making is different than minor decision making. 

A Minor decision is "I'll go down to the store and buy bread." 

A Major decision is "I'll get married." 

Smoking cessation is major decision and it deserves more than a hasty 11:30pm decision after the nightly news: "Ho hum I'm tired.  I hate cigarettes. I'll quit in the morning.  Good night moon." 

You have probably done that many times. 

Cigarette quitting is a MAJOR decision and should be treated as such.

In practical terms, here is what major decision-making means:

  • Pick a day well in advance.
  • Plan on being crazy for several weeks so don't decide to quit smoking the same day you start a new job or get a divorce.
  • Even when you think you have made the Decision don't be alarmed if you have second thoughts. 
  • Remember you are breaking a habit of a lifetime.