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The Perfect Killer
Why I s It So Hard To Q uit?

You wake up and smoke.  You go to sleep after your last smoke.  You smoke before work. You smoke after work.  Before eating and after.  Before sex and after.  You smoke when doing nothing.  You smoke when doing something.

Smoking has become your best friend.  It is always available morning, noon and night.

It is available on week days, week nights, week ends and all the time in between.

It is the perfect date.  It comforts you when you are down and gets you high when you want up.  It is close to you always - never complaining, never criticizing.

You want high?  A cigarette delivers nicotine to your brain faster than heroin in the arm and with much the same narcotic effect.

So if smoking is a comfortable, constant companion it is not enough to simply eliminate cigarettes.  Many people find that quitting is easy, staying off is what is hard.  Among other reasons, this is because of all the losses that we experience.

An attitude adjustment can help.  Instead of quitting try divorcing your cigarettes.  If you do that you will understand that it can be a painful, emotionally difficult experience.  If you merely try to quit you think of the process more of a surgical, rambo-like experience where you toss off your cigarettes and immediately enter heaven.

This is very far from the real experience of most people who try to stop.  Quitting smoking is a long, slow painful process.  Knowing this will allow you to prepare.

The successful cigarette divorcee will become prepared to face each morning without the cigarette and as well as all the other times.  The successful cigarette divorcee will work through to strong pull to go back to their ``cigarette spouse".  The successful cigaratte divorce will go through all the pain of separation but eventually find life infinitely sweeter.