Kick Butt
Ten Simple Things
That You Can Do To
Prevent Tobacco Sales to Someone Under 18
  • Join a local group or coalition to prevent tobacco sales to minors
  • Ask your local tobacco retailer to post signs about youth access laws.  The signs should clearly state that tobacco sales to minors are illegal and should explain the store's policy on identification.
  • Ask you physician or local pediatrician to post signs in the office that tell about nicotene addiction.
  • Write an editorial to your local newspaper about the hazards of youth access to tobacco.
  • Ask the principal of your local high school about his or her views regarding youth access to tobacco.  Be sure that tobacco use is not permitted in school.  Suggest implementing an anti-tobacco poster, book cover or essay contest.
  • Ask local merchants to make all tobacco products availible only through a store clerk.  These products should include cigars and spit tobacco as well as cigarettes.
  • Suggest a project for your local high school newspaper; investigate the advertising and promotional campaigns that the tobacco industry aims at young people.
  • Approach coaches of Little League, local soccer teams, and other youth sports programs.  Ask them to discuss with their teams the topic of tobacco use and its effect on athletic prowess and to take on the issue of youth access in their communities.
  • Involve the community's youth in all of your tobacco control efforts; you will benefit from their energy, insight, and dedication.