Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye

Cigarettes have been most peoples' best friend.  Part of the final stage of quitting is to say good bye to a friend.  A friend who was with you through most of the significant adult stages of growth.

A friend who ultimately betrayed you.  You will need to say good bye and process the many conflicting feelings with this deadly friend.

The stages of recovery are anger, depression, sadness, bargaining, acceptance.  These are similar to many other recovery processes.

Don't betray yourself with fantasies.  If you think cigarettes tasted good, think about all the times when your mouth tasted like a wet ash tray.  If you think cigarettes weren't so bad think about $1000-$2000 dollars a year you spent just on cigarettes.  Think of all the holes in your clothes, your furniture and your car seats.  Only people who smoke start fires when they fall asleep!

Most importantly, think of your self esteem. Remember how angry and helpless you felt when you didn't feel you could quit. How do you feel now? Remember this feeling of success and confidence. If the addicted self should try to sweet talk you into trying "Just one", remember all you won. Now you can just say no and mean it.