Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey is the best, least painful way to kick the habit for most people.  Sooner or later there will come a time when you have had your last cigarette.  Cold turkey, however, does not mean quitting as soon as you first think about it.  Cold Turkey means that you set a quit date - preferably several weeks in advance - and stop completely on that date.

Tapering ahead of time is ok as long as it is very gradual.  Tapering can be counter-productive if you are not careful.  Often when people switch to lower nicotene brands, they inhale twice as hard, smoke more of the cigarette and light another faster.  Successful tapering requires that you don't inhale any harder and that you don't smoke any more.

If you plan on using patches than have them in hand for quit day.  Think long and hard about using a patch.  The patch should not be a long term substitute or you are still not drug free.  Ask yourself if it makes sense to fight drugs with drugs.

"Quitting is not that Hard"

Once you have made your decision and made plans, Quitting is not that hard ... Staying off is the difficult part. 

"You cannot have even one."

"The Urge to Smoke will Pass
Whether or Not you Smoke."

If you feel like having one then look at the List of Reasons you made before you quit.

If necessary write each reason out 10 times:

  • Smoking makes me stink,Smoking makes me stink, Smoking makes me stink, Smoking makes me stink, ...
  • Smoking costs serious money!, Smoking costs serious money!, Smoking costs serious money! 
  • Smoking is killing me! ... And so on.