Another Year

In my classes there were some people who thought they could have just one!  Even after years of being quit, the urge can still come back. Repeat every morning, "I can't have even one."

The best answer to that is just smile and say, "Yeah right.  I remember the Hell I went through giving up!  I am not going to do it again!"

If you have been smoke free for several years, you may have begun to think like a non-smoker.  You may think that you could never get addicted.

Well take a little wake-up trip to your local stop-smoking class and look at the pain on everyone's face as they tell their story about how enslaved they feel!

Take a little wake-up trip to your local hospital where those with lung and heart problems shuffle around like zombies on Prednisone and oxygen.

Ask them if you should start again!

No doubt a little devil will start whispering in your ear: "Psst, you  can have one.  Go ahead, it will solve all your problems.  It will calm you down."

Nothing is more wrong!  No problem is ever solved by a cigarette - it only delays it.  No hurt is ever healed by a cigarette - only buried.  No life is ever enhanced by smoking - only hurt.

So wake up every morning and say, "I am smoke-free and proud of it. I smell great. I feel great and life is great."